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    Work Experience

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    Also here is a link to my microsoft certification page for verification purposes. My microsoft certification site.

    Developer portfolio

    I used google's MDL-lite for this site, mikeleonard.com, which is a lot like bootstrap.


    I currently support code and create custom .NET code for one international shipping company based in Missouri. They have an ASP.net website with Crystal reporting and three deskapps that use .NET/C# and deal with barcodes and mail processing. I also provide Office 365/Azure support and other general IT support like cisco firewall maintenance for a large non-porfit in south Jersey. When i code with ASP.NET and .NET/C# and i use Visual Studio 2015 and SSMS for SQL on the Windows platform. For my own projects i use Linux fedora based servers and for my main workstation operating system is Linux Mint. For my IDE I use Sublime put i use Notepad++, Visual Code and Atom as well . Currently I use MEAN as my stack of choice with firebase as my database and auth0 as my authenication provider. Most of my projects are severless and I like to use aws lambda functions to process code. I use python for anything that is not web/javascript related.

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    AWS Code Commit

    My big personal project i am working on in my spare time is called 'Melody's Records'. It is a site that allows users to turn their cloud storage into a webpage that is extremely fast for searching and mapping files to each other. In the public shared portion of the site there currently lyrics, chords (with dynamic javascript transpose buttons) and sheet music and if titles have matching music and/or video files, play buttons dynamically appear on the page. It is based on node.js and firebase and it is 'serverless'. All code is run through lambda functions as needed. I keep my all my html, css, javascript, images, etc in AWS S3 buckets and i use s3 sync scripts (see example on right) to sync my code from local to live . Then i use git right afterwards to upload the code to AWS Commit for versioning control. Currently AWS Code Pipeline does not support going directly from code commit to S3 (yet) so hence the sync script but some day i will just use code commit and code pipeline.

    # AWS sync script
    echo on
    now=$(date +"%m_%d_%Y")
    echo "starting upload"
    echo $now | tee -a '../../logs/ml-repo-log.txt'
    aws s3 sync * s3://mikeleonard.com 
    --delete --exclude '.git/*'
    | tee -a '../../logs/ml-repo-log.txt'
    echo finished 
    then manually i type   
    git . add
    git commit -m "comments"
    git push

    Global Postal Solutions

    The last software company i worked for was sold to SnapiSoft and when i left in January, i continued to support one of their clients called GPS because the new company wanted to force them to upgrade to a new system and pay more and things like that.

    The main site is www.mailtheworld.com. The code hasn't changed in a long time so there aren't many issues (knock on wood) other than updating crystal reporting formulas and fixing browsers issues and things like that. Also, a few times a year i upload new bulk rates/costs into the database. I continue to write code for them once in while. The last project i did for them involved letting different customers get different discounts whereas before that the system only had the ability to give one discount for all customers.

    This software is hosted at Rackspace but I will be moving them to AWS soon. It contains one SQL database, one main website, one main deskapp and two smaller deskapps and a few custom scripts that do things like process data entry and/or send copies of forms to the US post office/clients. Most of my shipping applications that i provide custom development and support for use SQL procedures that do most of the data processing. The main website uses telerik ui on top of asp.net 4.5 forms with a vb.net backend. I can only show this code in person during interviews as i do not want it made public.

    Example of vb code

    This is an example of some of the vb.net code typical of this solution. It is a screen shot taken from one of the deskapps. The code is writiing orders into an AWS MySQL database to be prepared to be printed in crystal reports and sent to USPS for processing.

    Note: I currently do not publish any code in public repositories other than tutorials that i fork. I use git to publish to AWS CodeCommit. I also don't own any of the code from my last full time development job. As a result i don't have a large portfolio to show online but I can show a lot more code and examples during interviews.